COVID-19:Once again this trade union was first off the blocks to educate and advise all three companies and the National Transport Authority of the severity of the current emergency crisis,Correspondence flowed from our office on a daily basis to our members,Our General Secretary,General President  and other officers of the union worked tirelessly behind the scenes, to highlight the concerns of our members culminating in correspondence to cease interaction with cash/ticket machines in an attempt to keep our members safe while carrying the customers who need our busses and trains.As always the NBRU leads whilst others follow.As a result of our ongoing work a massive deep cleaning programme is being rolled out across the three CIE companies and our members should be confident that we will continue to monitor the situation daily.Not withstanding that it is imperative that an element of personal responsibility continues and members are advised to educate themselves on the guidelines of the HSE and exercise a high degree of caution when dealing with customers i.e. social distancing. SINCE THE INITIAL CORRESPONDENCE A LOT OF MEASURES ARE NOW IN PLACE BELOW ARE SOME OF THE MEASURES PUT IN BY DUBLIN BUS/BUS EIREANN AND IRISH RAIL:

(Please click below to read call by NBRU for compulsory wearing of face masks on public transport through various media outlets):


27 Feb – 14 Mar

15 Mar – 25 Mar

24 Mar – 25 Apr

Below is a Video walkthrough of Dublin bus covid19 social distance measures:


Latest Letter to three Cie companies:

Covid-19 social distance measure on DART: