NBRU representatives are telling us that there is a very slow take-up on the wearing of Face coverings today on busses and trains, this is not surprising given the indecision over the issue over the last number of weeks, we at the NBRU have been very clear for weeks on the issue of Face coverings, we wrote to the NTA on the 1st May, over 8 weeks ago.

Frankly, the decision making process has been very shoddy from the get go on Face coverings & indeed capacity issues. The NBRU did call for an all encompassing Stakeholder approach from the start of this crisis, unfortunately those in Authority decided that there was no place for Frontline Transport workers or their expertise at the decision making table.

Drivers are concerned that once again they are left to sort out issues around this however the NBRU have instructed their members not to attempt to police it.

Here is an excerpt from today’s RTE six one news where Dublin branch chairman sean yeates airs  NBRU frustration: