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Eoin O’Shea

O’Shea Legal

At O’Shea Legal our priority is to provide a friendly legal service in a relaxed atmosphere. We aim to remove the worry that clients experience when dealing with legal problems. We plan to get these legal tasks resolved as quickly and cost effectively as possible which means that you the client save time, money and stress. When we first meet, we listen to your problems and ask about your goals. We explain your options and plan a path with you to achieve your aims as quickly as possible. Sometimes this involves drafting legal documents for example filing a claim, preparing contracts, preparing a Will, transferring an asset, writing a letter. Other times it involves engaging with other parties to secure their co-operation in achieving your goal or perhaps filing a claim to force someone’s hand. Either way we are glad to act on your behalf and to be your most fervent advocate. By exercising good judgement and taking an intelligent approach to your problem, we can offer you the most effective and satisfactory outcome.

Eoin will offer a free first consultation on any legal matters to NBRU members.